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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I've never registered before, how do I sign up?
Answer: There are two ways to sign up: you can register your family ahead of time on the main RYAA page by clicking the "New RYAA Member Registration" link.  We highly encourage you to do this so you will be ready to go when it is time to register for your sports program.

The second way is to register when you sign-up for a sports program.  You will be able to enter your registration information with the first program you sign up for.  

For more details on the registration process itself, the steps are outlined at the bottom of this FAQ.

Question: Is there anything special to know about registering my family?
Answer: A couple things to note:

  • Register the parents first, then the children.  This makes sure everything is linked together properly in the database.
  • Only two parent accounts are allowed per child.  RYAA policy is that these should be the biological parents.  Additional emails can be used for each parent account by separating the email addresses by a comma.  This will allow you to add step-parents, grandparents, or anyone else that you feel should recieve RYAA notifications.
  • Child accounts do not have to have an email account.  Just check the "No email" box.  This will ease the number of emails being sent to the same address.
  • RYAA does not require birth certificates, so don't worry about it.
  • If you have questions on filling out a field, click on the question mark beside the field.  A new window will open with help information on the topic.

Question: How can we add additional parent accounts for a child to accommodate step-parents, grandparents, etc.?
Answer: We can't, the system we use will only allow two parent accounts for each child account.  RYAA policy is that the two parent accounts should belong to the biological parents of the child.  However, additional emails can be added in the Email field by separating each address with a comma.  This will allow you to add contact email addresses for step-parents and anyone else you feel should receive RYAA notifications regarding your childs sports programs.

Question: Do I have to use the website to register for a program?
Answer: No, the RYAA will continue walk-in registration nights and accept mail-in registrations for a short time.  Your contact information will be entered into our database.  If you wish to start using the website, a password can be sent to your account to gain access.  RYAA will eventually transition to online-only registration.  However, once you start using the website, we think you will prefer it.

Question: My child has been in RYAA sports before, do I still have to enter our registration information?
Answer: Yes, the new site was started with a clean slate, so information from past programs has not been imported into the new system.

Question: Do I have to enter all my information into the website every time I register for a program?
Answer: No!  Once you've entered your information, you can register for any program with a few simple clicks.  All your contact information is saved.  The only time you will need to enter new information is if you are adding another family member to your account.

Question: Can my account information be removed?
Answer: Yes, just send an email to  .  He will contact you to confirm the account holder information and delete the account.

Question: How the information I provide be used?
Answer: The information you provide will be kept on our hosting site's secure servers and NEVER shared with any third party outside of this organization and the company that hosts this website. Your personal information will only be viewed by members and technical personnel with the appropriate clearance and password.

If you do NOT want certain personal information to be viewable online, choose the "Private" selection next to this information.

Question: My child is very skilled at their sport, can they play up a level if they are not being challenged enough in the program for their age group?
Answer: Some RYAA programs do allow players the option to "play up" one league level, but players cannot play down.  For example, a 10U player can play in the 12U league, but a 12U player cannot play in the 10U league.  This option is available for very skilled players that are not being challenged enough at their current level.  Please be sure when signing your child up for a higher league, as they will be playing with bigger players and may feel intimidated.

Registration Process:

Remember, always create the parent accounts first, then the child accounts!
  1. Scroll through the registration programs below and find the league that best fits your child (you will be given the option to register additional players (even in other programs) after completing each individual player registration).
  2. Click the Begin Registration button for the program.  
  3. Click the Continue button after reading the legal age note.
  4. If you have not signed in yet, you will be prompted to enter your account information and password.
  5. If you have not registered on the new RYAA website before, you will create an account the first time.  Creating an account requires contact information for guardians and each participating player.
  6. If you have registered on the new RYAA website, you will see a list of your children.  Children that are eligible for the selected program with have a green button beside their name labeled "Eligible - Register".  Click that button.
  7. Verify your child's information, and correct any changed or new information.
  8. Click the Submit button when complete.
  9. You will be asked some supplemental information specific to the program.  Among those questions is an agreement to abide by RYAA policies and code of conduct.  When completed, click the "Submit Information" button at the bottom of the text (you must scroll to the bottom) to complete the registration.
  10. On the Registration Review page, you will see your current price for registration and be able to review your registration information.  An email with the same information should arrive shortly.
  11. If you wish to register another player, click the "Register Another Individual" button.  Otherwise, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Back To Registration" button.