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by posted 12/02/2019

Dan Smith reminded me I need to tell everyone practices start this Thursday 12/5/2019 @ 8pm.  We are supposed to have the gym to ourselves so we can run the full length of the floor many times.  There is a water fountain available or your child can bring in water.  I am sure the kids will have lots of energy built up after the long weekend. 

I will be there 10 mins before practice if you want to come and say hello.  If anyone wants to help with practice you are more than welcome to stay.  If you want to drop off your boy and leave that is fine too.  Please be there 5 minutes prior to the end of practice to pick up your child.  We will not leave until every kid has been picked up.

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by posted 12/02/2019

My name is Daniel Hall and I, with Dan Smith, will be coaching your boys’ RYAA basketball team this year.  Dan and I concentrate on fundamentals and fun.  We try to be as fair as possible with playing times and positions.  Since we will only have one practice a week, it would help if you can work with your child at home.  If you don’t have a goal, just having them practice dribbling and handling the ball helps more than you realize.  Practices will be at the RES 2-3 gym from 8-9pm on Thursdays.  You do not need to buy your child new shoes for basketball, but please ensure the shoes they bring to practice are dry and clean.  We will have a couple of “plays” drawn up to run and go over basics each week.  With lots of running thrown in there so they should sleep well.   Our games will be held in the 2-3 Gym on Saturdays.  I am told we may have a couple of away games but don’t know for sure yet.  We look forward to coaching your boys this year and hope to have a lot of fun. 


If you need to contact me for any reason:

Daniel Hall


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